INTERSHORES I Notarization Or Apostilled Or Legalization?

You may sometimes need to have the corporate documents of your Hong Kong company used outside Hong Kong.    Examples are:


1.    opening an overseas corporate bank account.

2.    registering an overseas branch office.

3.    entering into an agreement with an overseas’ partner.

4.    registering your Hong Kong company as a WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) in China.


All methods of documents authentication - Notarization, apostille, or legalization may apply.   What are they?



Only a notary public can notarize a document.   A notary can certify a legal document as a copy of the original, authenticate a signature or certify by  witnessing a person's identity.   


Usually a Hong Kong Notary Public is sufficient for most of the authorities' requirements.  However, situation like having your corporate documents used in China requires a Chinese Notary Public i.e. Chinese Appointed Attesting Officer.



An apostille is used specifically for documents authentication allowing the documents legally recognizable in a foreign country.  


In Hong Kong, only the High Court can arrange an apostille.   The said documents have to be notarized before submission to High Court.


If the documents will be used in a country party to The Hague Convention, apostille will usually be sufficient; otherwise, legalization may be required.



Only the embassy or consulate of the foreign country in which the documents will be used can legalize them.   Legalization is normally only required if the documents will be used in a country that is not a party to The Hague Convention.


The documents have to be notarized and/or apostilled first before it can be legalized.  


Which Authentication do I Need?

You should confirm with the receiving authority for acceptance of documents. 


Need Assistance

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