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Trademark Registration

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Trademark distinguish your goods and services publicly. It is an asset of a company.    When your goods or services will be launched, it is suggested to register trademark  preventing a third party uses your service/product without your concern which may have negative impact on your company’s reputation and revenue. There are good reasons to register trademark in Hong Kong:


  • Protect your goods & services from unauthorized usage
  • Hong Kong trademark has international recognition and usually enjoys priority of registration other countries
  • Build up your company image



Application Procedure


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Preliminary Review

1 working day Trademark Search 2-4 weeks

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Official Application

Around 3 months

(if there is no objection from the Intellectual Property Department, it will move to public consultation.  If there is objection from the IP Department, the applicant can submit a proof of opposition till the final result.)

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Public Consultation

Around 3 months
(Public consultation, will move on to Registration if no third party objection)

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Certificate Collection

Collect Certificate after public consultation


Required Documents for Trademark Registration

  • Name and Address of Trademark owner (please provide proof)
  • Design of the Trademark to be registered
  • Categories of the Trademark to be registered and their detail descriptions


Fees for Registration
Our Fee is US$834/class (inclusive of government fee)




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