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Account Opening Advisory

Our team has several years experiences in delivering banking services and has developed a strong banking network to assist our clients to open bank accounts. We ascertain your corporate / personal bank accounts needs and can assist you effectively. Subject to your preferences, you can choose to open an account at the bank you prefer or go with our recommended bank. We can assist you to open bank account in Hong Kong, Singapore and offshore jurisdiction. We also provide guaranteed account service. Whataspp Us now or contact us by Recommended Packages Guaranteed HK Business Account Read More Guaranteed Singapore Business Account Read...
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Notarization/Apostille Lawyers attestated documents can be used as court evidence. Governments, institutions and business partners usually require such documents in response to certain circumstances. The types of available attestation in Hong Kong includes: Notarization by Notary Public High Court Apostilled Legalization at Consulate Offices China Appointed Attested Officer (documents to be used in China) In addition to Hong Kong companies, INTERSHORES can also arrange legal certification for your Singapore, UK or offshore companies. Enquiry Whatsapp Us Recommended Services: Account Opening...
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Accounting, Audit & Tax

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, our services team will tailor to your specific needs and free you from the headache of statutory deadlines efficiently and effectively with assurance of strict confidentiality. Accounting Services include: 1. Bookkeeping and management reporting (trial balance, general ledger listings, profit or loss account, balance sheet), annual or periodic accounts preparation.2. Other reporting such as budgeting. Auditing Your audit report not only helps in compliance with applicable reporting standard, it is an added value document for you to solicit investors, identify internal management issues and insights that can help you...

Dedicated / Virtual Office

INTERSHORES serviced office works on the principle of minimizing costs and maximizing business efficiency. Our dedicated manager assists you to establish your office in Hong Kong with full facilities hassle free to run your business effectively. Virtual Office To comply with statutory requirements, we provide a registered office for you to set up your company. You can choose your address for government mail or/and commercial purpose. Contact us by whatsapp or by Dedicated Office Business Centre: Sheung Wan Business Centre: Cheung Sha Wan Standard office furniture Multipurpose phone Daily office...

Trademark Registration

BenefitsTrademark distinguish your goods and services publicly. It is an asset of a company. When your goods or services will be launched, it is suggested to register trademark preventing a third party uses your service/product without your concern which may have negative impact on your company’s reputation and revenue. There are good reasons to register trademark in Hong Kong: Protect your goods & services from unauthorized usage Hong Kong trademark has international recognition and usually enjoys priority of registration other countries Build up your company image Application Procedure Preliminary Review 1 working day Trademark Search 2-4...

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