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Account Opening Advisory

Our team has several years experiences in delivering banking services and has developed a strong banking network to assist our clients to open bank accounts. We ascertain your corporate / personal bank accounts needs and can assist you effectively.  Subject to your preferences, you can choose to open an account at the bank you prefer or go with our recommended bank.

We can assist you to open bank account in Hong Kong, Singapore and offshore jurisdiction.  We also provide guaranteed account service. Public Photos / Files - icon_talk Whataspp Us now or contact us by emailSelf Photos / Files -


Recommended Packages

Guaranteed HK Business Account

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Guaranteed Singapore Business Account

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Business Account For Special Purpose Company

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Offshore Account

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Facilities Available For A Bank Account

The usual facilities available include:


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Multicurrency accounts

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Debit cards


Usual Documents Required For Account Opening

Generally, the following documents are required:


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1. A certified passport copy of directors, shareholders & beneficial owners

2. Recent address proof (issued within 3-months and in English or English translation)

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3. Company's statutory documents : Certificate of Incorporation (CI), business license, Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) and other registration documents to show existing directors, shareholders and beneficial owners

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4. Business plan (subject to bank)

5. Business business (subject to bank)


Available Bank/Financial Institution

Intershores works with the following partner bank/financial institution:


ABC Banking Corporation, Mauritius                                                   Al Salam Bank, Seychelles                                                                           Bank of Asia, BVI

CBiBank, Peurto Rico                                                                          CIM Banque, Switzerland                                                                              DNBC Financial Europe, Lithuania

DBS Bank, Singapore                                                                           Euro Pacific Bank, Peurto Rico                                                                    International Finance Bank, Miami

OCBC Bank, Singapore                                                                         Rietumu Bank, Latvia                                                                                   Statrys, Hong Kong


Intershores also recommends the following bank in Hong Kong:


Bank of China                                                                                      China Citi International Bank                                                                       DBS Bank

HSBC                                                                                                    ICICI Bank                                                                                                     OCBC Hong Kong

Shanghai Commercial Bank                                                                 Standard Chartered Bank


Remarks: There are other banks available.  Contact Intershores for details.



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