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CBiBank is a licensed International Financial Entity at Puerto Rico, US, aiming to bring more convenient and safer new financial services so as to help SME business owners to get better financial products and to do better businesses.  It is an institutional member of the ABA, SWIFT, UNIONPAY, Cross-border RMB Clearing (CIPS) and many other organizations.   Its Swift code is CBLBPRSJ and ABA 021508125.  It provides digital banking solutions for more than 100+ nationalities and various jurisdictions to easily open online corporate accounts.  The advantages of CBiBank include:


1.  Easy and Fast – 100% online banking opening procedure within 14 business days (can be faster if top speeding account is chosen).  Account opening process in 3 simple steps is as below:


- Submit valid documents for digital KYC.

- KYC verification via CBiBank application.

- Answer phone call from compliance staff to verify the additional information in KYC verification.


There are two options to fit different requirements:

- Top speeding: within 5-10 working days (payment to be made before KYC verification).

- Regular speeding: within 10-20 working days (payment to be made in the last stage).


2.  No Hidden Fees

Transparent fee structure to save your money and time.  There are top speed and regular speed fee charge for account opening.  Please ask INTERSHORES to provide information.


3.  Account Protection System

The account protection system reviews the transactional behaviors and pay attention to bank statements to ensure there is fraudulent activity.  CBiBank  has been keeping low frozen account rate low and close account rate due to the system.


4.  Wide scope business activities 

The favorable business activities are:


- Goods Trading: import and export wholesales and retail business; medical industry and health care.

- Non-physical products: online/offline service providers and consulting service; logistics industry; IT servcies, investment, finance and consulting.

- E-commerce: E-commercial platform shop owners also supports small and medium size online shop vendors; applicable to Amazon, eBay, Ticktalk.

- Jewelry, watch, education.


5.  Multiple currency accounts available

Multiple currency account supporting USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, CAD and CNH.


6.  Offshore expert  available

Account opening service for 99+ jurisdiction and accept directors and shareholders from 100 countries.   It is a fully online and remote account opening process with the following remarks:


- Friendly deposit policy for start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs. 

- There is no minimum deposit requirement.

- Successful account open rate >85%.

- Non-acceptable countries include: Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Ukraine, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, The Syrian Arab Republic, Zimbabwe, Russia, Mali, Afghanistan and Congo.

- Prohibited business activities include crypto currencies, bitcoin, blockchian and gambling industry.


7.  Real Bank Account – Keep money and data safe with U-key and E-banking system.


8.  Dedicated multi-language support in real-time

English, Spanish, Portuguese , Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese and Hindi.


If you want to open an account with CBiBank, please contact us:


Whatsapp : (852) 6499 4686

Phone : (852) 2186 6936

Email :




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