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INTERSHORES I Registered Address Requirements In Hong Kong And Procedures for Change of Address

Requirements of registered address in Hong Kong

There must be a physical address for a Hong Kong company which must be able to receive government mail.  P.O. Box is not acceptable.


Can a residential address be a company's registered address ?

Can. Depending on the industry, many entrepreneurs do not necessarily rent an office at the start of his business venture. He can use his home address as the company's address.  However, the Registry's system is transparent. People can at any time search his address at the Companies Registry (limited company) or at the Business Registration Office (sole proprietor or partnership). It is highly recommend to engage a virtual office provider in view of privacy concern. 


Benefits of using a virtual office address

Many entrepreneurs do not need to rent a standalone physical office to save operating cost but they may still want to have a 'good looking address' for their companies.  To solve this, they can simply pay a service fee to lease a virtual office address as their companies registered address.


Leasing a virtual office address is not just a plain 'good looking' address. Usually virtual office operators provides service in substance eg.  mail forwarding service to facilitate collection at any time, provision of  company secretarial services (for those who hold TCSP licenses), accounting, tax filing, etc. as a one stop solution so that entrepreneurs are hessle free and stay focus on business. INTERSHORES is able to

provide you with the one-stop service.


Procedures for changing the company's registered address

Hong Kong companies can change their company's registered address at any time. According to the law, the company must submit a written notice to update the address within 1 month after the address is changed. An unlimited company only needs to fill in the form to the Business Registration Office to change its registered address. A limited company not only informs the Business Registration Office but also the Companies Registry.


Procedures for changing the registered address of an unlimited company:

Fill in and submit the Notification of Change of Business Address Form (IRC 3111A) .


Procedures for changing the registered address of a limited company:

Fill in and submit the Notification of Change of Business Address Form (IRC 3111A).

Fill in and submit the Notification of Change of Registered Office (NR1) to the Companies Registry.


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