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Calling itself “Diversity In Financial Services,” BIRGHT could be the first, pre-eminent and devoted neobank providing equal access to financial services for the LGBT+ community in the EU and UK, being approximately 6% of the total (30.9 million potential clients).  The neobank is expected to have exponential growth with a projection of 400,000 active clients and annual revenue of Euro 39M within 4 years.  Currently, it is looking for equity financing of Euro1.5 million. 


Founded in 2022 by our Europe consultant, the neobank will offer personal IBAN accounts with pronoun and desired name of the customers and a EURO card to use at POS or ATM's around the world or on-line.  What will the neobank offer next ?


1)  Participation in decentralized finance and top blockchain projects offering a crypto wallet where the customers can safely store their tokens or convert fiat to crypto and vice versa.  

2) A market place where companies can offer tailor-made products and services to the LGBT+ community, To begin, personalized luxury tavel packages allowing exclusive service of designing personalized tours as the clients may prefer.  And more.....     


Please contact us at (852) 6499 4686/ email at for more details on this attractive investment or organize a phone conference directly with the founder.



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