Intershores' Due Diligence Services

Intershores provides the following due diligence services, namely:


1.   Business Credit (standard and premium)

2.   Business Verification (business verification, certificate verification, qualification verification, bank account verification, business partner verification

3.   Enhanced Due Diligence (M&A DD, Director DD, UBO DD and Supplier/Customer DD)

4.   Asset Search/Ownership Verification


1.   BUSINESS CREDIT – the service integrates the most updated and precise information from different aspects. The standard scope includes standard scope and premium:


Standard scope:

- Credit Report

- Company Search

- Registration Report

- Business Financial Report

- Site Investigation

- Directorship Search

- Winding-up Search

- Bankruptcy Search

- Litigation Search 

- Writ Search



- Media/ Social Media Search

- Global Compliance Check

- Reputation Intelligence


2.   BUSINESS VERIFICATION – the verification service includes:


Business Verification  - Operation Status, Legal and Compliance Status

Certificate Verification  - Certificate Ownership and Validity

Qualification Verification  - Qualification Ownership and Validity

Bank Account Verification  - Bank Account Validity

Business Partner Verification - Business Partner Authenticity


3.   ENHANCED DUE DILIGENCE (DD) - Any significant business engagement or transaction should warrant an in-depth due diligence investigation to uncover relevant compliance, regulatory, legal and reputational risks, oftentimes involving the understanding and dismantling of complex network of individuals and companies.  The enhanced DD services include:


M&A DD - INTERSHORES offers forward-looking due diligence services by identifying key internal (organizational structure, director and senior management, business model, products/ services and legal/ regulatory compliance) and external (industry, market, economic trends and business stakeholders) risk factors.  We gather and analyze information for various industries and provide bespoke recommendations on due diligence findings so that a clear vision on the M&A transaction is provided.


Director’s DD – the search focus on the search and verification on personal and business backgrounds of a director which may highly impact the suitability of the director. Our due diligence also serves as a useful reference for understanding whether a director is competence to fulfill his/her statutory duties as a company director before his/her appointment.


Ultimate Beneficial Owner Search – the search uncovers identity and profile of the UBO of a target company based on their regulatory compliance and business needs.  The search for and verify the subject's individual and/or corporate credentials is based on public source and our intelligence partner’s database.  The search identifies the natural or legal persons who have equity interest in the target company & assess whether their ownership is direct or indirect and the total % of shares and ownership stake of the subject and determine which falls under the definition of UBO.


Supplier/Customer’s DD  - Knowing your suppliers/customers before agreeing to engage in business is important to reduce supply/demand-related business risks.  In the context of listing application, M&A due diligence and KYC compliance, it is always the regulators' and investors' expectation on the reasonable and sufficient due diligence work conducted on the major suppliers/customers to ensure the genuineness of the company’s major suppliers.


The search will be focus on :

- In-depth background search

- Verification of the existence of registration and operation existence

- Compliance and reputation intelligence

- Identification of red flags related to the supplier


4.   Asset Search or Ownership Verification will be needed for regulatory and risk management. Such verification includes: 


- Land & Property Search

- Property Document Search

- Intellectual Property Search


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Whilst reasonable care has been taken in provision of information above, it does not constitute legal or other professional advice. INTERSHORES does not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any error omission and accepts no responsibility for any financial or other loss or damage that may result from its use.  In particular, readers are advised to take appropriate professional advice before committing themselves to any involvement in jurisdictions, vehicles or practice..









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