Trust or Company Service License On Sale

High potential Trust or Company Service (TCSP) licence  (ready to do business) on sale: 


1.    The Licence to be expired in April 2024.

2.    2 registered trademarks to be expired in July 2029.

3.    Hong Kong and offshore banking relationship (signed contract as a qualified introducer or  existing business relationships).

4.    Commercial relationship with agents in different offshore jurisdiction.

5.    Over 90 thousand prospective customer database (China, Hong Kong, South America, UK and Europe).

6.    Over 600 thousand EDM platform quota and template in Chinese and in English.

7.    Customers (negotiable).

8.    Option to partner with a Hong Kong money lender for license assignment.

9.    Potential transaction receivable:

- Money service operator license M&A

- Hong Kong trust company license M&A

- Referral fee for successful referral to US Nasdaq listing.

10.  Corporate Service Award (accredited from Europe).

11.  Company with history of over 15 years.

12  Bank account.

13.  Website, facebook, IG.

14.  Compliance manual.

15.  Anti-money laundering system.

16.  Employee (including anti-money laundering compliance officer) (can stay).

17.  2 foreign market consultants (subject to negotiation to stay).


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