White Label Solution For Money Lending Business in Hong Kong

Want to lend money, but lack of license and experience? Save the hassle to acquire or apply for a money lender license, obtain white label license for a cost-effective solution and start lending today!    Our solution helps you to resolve a number of common challenges and concerns :


- Do not meet the conditions of a money lender license or have not obtained a money lender license

- Lack of time and resources to actively manage a money lender business

- Unfamiliar with money lenders rules and regulations

- Lack of experience in operating a money lender business


The service package offered by our money lender operator partner includes :

- Right of use of a white-label money lender license

- Full compliance with money lenders and anti-money laundering requirements

- Customized documentation and support on credit administration

- Years of first-hand experience and professional advice


Benefits of the package:

- Enhance certainty and speed of enforcement

- Reduce costs and immediate deployment of capital

- Minimize paperwork and ease of management

- Cater to your corporate branding

- Individualise credit risk standard


Package 1 - once off fee for unlimited loan transaction

6 Months   HK$120,000

1 Year        HK$230,000


Package 2

Annual Fee HK$35,000 + Process Fee based on below threshold:


Per Loan Size                                     Process Fee

< HK$500K                                         HK$7.5K

HK$500K - HK$2 million                     HK$15K

HK$2 million – HK$ 3.5 million           HK$25K

HK$3.5 million – HK$5 million            HK$40K

> HK$5 million                                  HK$55K


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