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INTERSHORES I New Measures in China To Stimulate Private Investment

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in China has issued a notice in July 2023 aiming to encourage private investment and with greater participation.


The Notice outlines a strategic approach on 4 key areas:

-  Setting clear goal to boost private investment

-  Stay focus on key sectors and major projects

-  Refining guarantee mechanism to promote private investment projects

-  Fostering an attractive investment environment


The Notice also advocates for expanding the infrastructure REITs market, paving a diversification of financing channels.


In line with the Notice, NDRC will

  • introduce new policies.
  • publish a comprehensive roster of projects to entice private investors.
  • develop a national database for key private investment projects to facilitate financing and provide resources for ventures guarantee. Information will be shared with banks, aiming to have a fair allocation of credit resources to private investments.
  • create a consolidated platform to offer the opportunities to private investors by offering services and connectivity to facilitate investors decision-making process and fast-track project implementation.


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