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Bank of Asia (BOA) has been established in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to address the need of BVI and other offshore companies in getting bank accounts opened and other banking needs satisfied. It facilitates the growing offshore banking needs of a large, underserved universe of Chinese and other Asian high net worth individuals and their related offshore business companies.


As a platform, BOA is free from legacy constraints and is focus on a simple set of products differentiated through quality of service and rolled out using best of breed technology.


Client service, efficiency and user-friendly technology are core to BOA’s strategy for customer acquisition and retention.


Barriers to entry are extremely high for new offshore competition seeking to capitalize on the opportunity.  BOA adopts a robust technology enabled KYC/AML engine to ensure world class regulatory compliance.


Need Assistance

INTERSHORES is the official introducer of BOA.   Please do not hesitate to contact INTRESHORES at or by whatsapp at (852) 5681 1114 for your banking needs.


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