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Despite where do you live, you can conveniently transact with companies in mainland China, other Asian countries or internationally with your HK business account.


Bank of China Hong Kong (BOC HK) is a subsidiary of Bank of China, however, operating independently.  BOC HK is the second-largest banking group in Hong Kong in 2022, with more than 200 branches across Hong Kong currently.  It is also one of the three commercial banks licensed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to issue banknotes for the Hong Kong dollar.  BOC HK provides services to individuals, body corporate and SMEs.   We offer free account opening services for individuals and HK companies free of charge till end April 2023.   Account opening documents and procedure for BOC HK  account opening are as follows:


Business Account Documents Required:

1.   Statutory records of the Hong Kong company including Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Association, NNC1 (for startup), Latest Annual Return or its subsequent statutory changes such as shares allotment/transfer.

2.    Passport, address proof (issued within 3 months and in Chinese/English/English translation) copies and latest personal bank statements (6 months) for director/shareholder/bank signatory (statements should be in Chinese or English or with English translation. The source of wealth should be highlighted on the bank statements.

3.    Resume of the director/shareholder for startups.

4.    Lease agreement (stamped at Stamp Duty Office HK) for the company.

5.    Business proof (contract, invoices, billing of lading or communication with buyers/sellers for startups).

6.    Business plan showing its business model (e.g. whether there is staff running the business in Hong Kong and how does the business be conducted), name of suppliers, customers, number of incoming and outgoing transactions per month, size of incoming and outgoing transactions per month, sales & net profits forecast, any good reasons to open a bank account in Hong Kong.

7.   For existing company, company bank statements (latest 6 months) or latest financial statements, payroll records or tax record.


(remarks: the above documents are at the best possible for successful approval.  Less or more documents would be required by the bank depending on the substance diversity  of the applicant company)


Procedure For Business Account:

1.    Full documents submitted to bank electronically for assessment.

2.    A bank officer may contact the applicant company if there would be any additional documents required.

3.  The company's due diligence process will take around 4-weeks depending on the applicant’s response time, background of director(s)/shareholder(s), complexity of structure, business model and availability of documents.

4.    If the result is positive, the applicant’s director/shareholder/bank signatory has/have to meet the bank officer in Hong Kong to complete bank forms as the final stage.

5.    The account is opened within 6th- 10th day.


Personal Account Opening Requirements At BOC HK:

1.    Identity proof : HKID or passport copies.

2.    Address proof (issued within 3 months and in Chinese/English/English translation) copies.

3.    Entrance stamp on passport for foreign passport or entrance ticket for mainland Chinese visiting Hong Kong.

4.    Reasons for personal account opening in Hong Kong with proof.

e.g. children to be studied in Hong Kong, self or  spouse working in Hong Kong, buy an saving plan from insurance company in Hong Kong, etc.

5.    Minimum deposit of HK$10,000.


Procedure For Personal Account:

Meet at a bank officer to finish the account opening upfront.


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