Redomiciliation - Seychelles to Marshalls

From January 2022 all Seychelles companies are required to keep reliable accounting records at their registered office in Seychelles sufficiently to explain their transactions. The  twice yearly accounting records requirement appears to be time consuming and challenging.   We offer an option to re-domicile your Seychelles Company to Marshall Islands. We certainly do not expect this to be relevant for all companies however it may benefit and suit the requirements of some of our clients.

Why the Republic of Marshall Islands?

The Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) is a modern and stable corporate jurisdiction that provides the flexibility and confidentiality that is required by corporate users and has many advantages:

•    Exemption from all local taxes and stamp duty
•    Require a minimum of one Shareholder, one Director and one Secretary - they can be the same person
•    The director may be an individual or corporate body, of any nationality and located anywhere in the world
•    Minimum company share capital is 1USD
•    Maximum confidentiality and anonymity
•    A visit to Marshall Islands is not required
•    No requirement for filing of company financial accounts or audit
•    Simple maintenance: no annual filings
•    All non-resident domestic companies are statutorily exempt from Marshall Islands taxes
•    The Share Capital can be expressed in any currency


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